piikNOOK is a picture viewer, ePub, screensaver, and wallpaper creator for the Barnes & Noble NOOK (and NOOKcolor, too). The picture viewer is installed as a web page to allow you to easily view pictures on your NOOK. The ePub creator turns your pictures into an electronic book to view on your NOOK (or to share with your family and friends). The screensaver and wallpaper creator easily turns your pictures into NOOK screensavers and wallpapers.

piikNOOK consists of:
  • piikNOOK Basket - a desktop application where you create and organize picture albums. You simply identify the pictures you want in your album, provide a caption for each picture, and then click a button to transfer the pictures as screensavers, wallpapers, as part of the piikNOOK Viewer, or as an ePub.
  • piikNOOK Viewer - a web page that is transferred to your NOOK that lets you view your albums on your NOOK. 

piikNOOK Basket

This is the main screen of the piikNOOK Basket. Here we have selected some photos to put into an album.

piikNOOK Viewer

Here is that same album viewed in piikNOOK Viewer:

Why piikNOOK?

The NOOK lets you download your pictures as either a screensaver or wallpaper. But, without effort on your part, the pictures do not fit the screen correctly. If you want to view a favorite set of pictures, there is no easy way to do that. piikNOOK provides an easy way to view pictures on your NOOK, and piikNOOK is easy to use.

While NOOKcolor does have a media viewer, you cannot group the pictures the way you like or add captions to them. piikNOOK overcomes these limitations.

What can I do with piikNOOK?

With piikNOOK you can:
  • Organize your pictures into albums
  • Preview pictures in grayscale before sending them to the NOOK
  • Provide a caption for each picture
  • Crop your picture to use as a screensaver
  • Crop your picture to use as a wallpaper
  • Reduce the size of your pictures (leaving more room for your books)
  • Transfer your pictures to the NOOK
  • View pictures with the piikNOOK Viewer
  • Create ePubs from your pictures
piikNOOK makes all of this easy!

  • piikNOOK version 1.1.0 is Now Available! We are pleased to announce that version 1.1.0 of piikNOOK for Windows is available for download and purchase. Please download and give it a try. Purchase a license ...
    Posted Jan 8, 2011, 5:54 PM by Andy S
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